What is your in-game Minecraft username?

He is a Senior Staff Member. He likes to host empire events. Who is he?

This person is an admin, and does bill managing. Who is she?

She works all day improving the empire as a manager. Who is she?

He is the leader of the build team. Who is he?

He is "über". Who is he?

He develops things. Who is he?

He has been Senior Staff for a long time. Who is he?

He is a rock. Who is he?

He's a chicken developer. Who is he?

It's me _________! Who is he?

He's got a chance. Who is he?

Everybody "dreads" him. Who is he?

Moderator in training! [Nic....]

Hamster in da house.

Chant for the Chan! Who is she?

He is in the nature. He is who makes the trees sway. Who is he?

He's our bird! Who is he?

She is a "scare crow". Who is she?

Burger burger burger! Who is he?

He's our "pig", or "hog". Who is he?

She's a block in Minecraft, or she has a little bit of Minecraft in her name. "Moss". Who is she?

He is a "cave". Who is he?

She's a mom who plays MC! Who is she?

He's a "lancer". Who is he?

weeeeeeeehhh! Who is he?

She flies! She's amazing! She's a dragon! Who is she?

Aphy. Who is she?

He's rising from the dark.. who is he?

EVIL! FROG! RUUUN!! Who is he?

Live, or die? Who is she?

He's a shark. [Or at least that's what his avatar is.] Who is he?

Melony. Who is he?

Is she a Dr.?? Who is she?

Zion who? Who is he?

Socks! Who is he?

Pineapples!! Who is he?

She has returned........ Who is he?

Windy! Breezy! Who is he?

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